Contact / Order of Comics Porno or Hentai

If for some reason, you do not find any type of porn comic or porn and hentai photo galleries at, we recommend that you fill out a small form with the link of the porn comic or hentai images uploaded to mega or another server that you would like add to

You can add all kinds of adult content, although we prefer content of this type: Comics Incest, Yuri, Interracial, 3D, Doujin, Erotic, Comics to Full Color, Hentai Mangas, Porn Parodies and of any kind.

If you have any porn comics or hentai images that do not appear with the category that we include here above, do not worry and send them to us. We’ll review it to give you the go-ahead and immediately post it on It is not necessary to send the link with the download of the comic, only the title of it and some more details that can be highlighted to find what you really want us to include.

  • We do not allow: Content of Zoophilia, Violence, Child Pornography or other content that is not interesting or illegal.

If you meet these small requirements and would like to contribute a bit to our Web so that it grows little by little, this is your time to do it with total freedom in the form that you can see below.


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